Grimm’s Fuel Community Engagement

This site will detail our plans for information, outreach, communications
and engagement during our Aerated Static Pile upgrades and beyond.


  1. Inform: Distribute information about Grimm’s Fuels, our new system upgrades,
    and how the community can stay in touch.
  2. Listen: Initiate and maintain open communication with our neighbors and
    respond to questions and concerns.
  3. Engage. Create channels through which Grimm’s communicates and engages
    with the community. Develop a procedure for addressing any concerns
    associated with the facility.
    Commitments by Grimm’s Fuel
  4. We are investing in a state-of-the-art composting process called aerated static
    pile (ASP) that will significantly reduce odor and modernize our facility. We will
    communicate with our neighbors as we complete the construction on this
    project. A description of the ASP system and a timeline for implementing is
    included further on in this document.
  5. We commit to operate our facility within our licenses, permits and zoning
    • Oregon Metro License L-043-19
    • Oregon DEQ Permit #1433
    • Oregon Fire Codes
    • City of Tualatin Conditional Use Permit
  6. In addition to the odor reductions we anticipate from implementing the ASP
    system, we commit to:
    ● Conducting daily odor surveys and log the results.
    ● Abiding by the odor complaint protocols as required by Metro and DEQ
    and outlined in our Operations Plan.