Progress Continues

Phase I Update

We have now completed 157 batches of compost (75,000 cubic yards) with the ASP system. The results continue to be very encouraging and we are producing some great compost!! The ability to control moisture, temperature and oxygen has greatly shortened our process time and virtually eliminated all offensive offsite odors.

Phase II Update

While construction during a global pandemic has been challenging, progress on the aerated Central composting pad continues as planned. Underground infrastructures and air duct systems have been installed. Concrete was poured in mid-July. The blowers have been wired and are set in place. Startup and testing are scheduled for late September, just in time for leaf season!

Facility Tours

Due to the Coronavirus, our previously scheduled open house is still on hold. However, if you would like to take an individual tour, please call our office and make an appointment – limit 2 per tour. You can also see the progress by watching this short Garden Time segment: