Spring has sprung!

Its Time to Garden!

Now that spring is here, it is time to get out there and get to gardening! Remember, yard debris disposal is free for our Pony Ridge / Angel Haven neighbors, so bring in that ice storm debris you have laying around. Compost and soil are also free so there is no reason to put off that spring cleanup and garden renewal.

A year ago, our world was turned upside down as the Covid-19 pandemic took control of our lives and we are slowly, yet finally, returning to normal. We’re moving out of the darkness and returning to something more normal as more people are eligible for vaccines and getting vaccinated. The vaccines have proven to be the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Facility Update

Phase I of our facility modernization has been in operation for over a year and we remain extremely pleased with the performance. This aeration floor continues to exceed design standards and is producing some excellent compost!

Phase II of the modernization was completed in September – just in time for the busy fall leaf season.  The “sparger floor” design is slightly different than the Phase I floor and has proven to be even more effective at keeping the compost piles well aerated.

The final task to the facility upgrade is the completion of the bio-filters. These filters have been constructed but need to be filled with filter media. We had planned to install the media during our slow time in February, but the ice storm forced us to change our plans. We’re nearly done working through the surge of storm debris and will get back on task to process the filter media. Once completed, these filters will allow us even better temperature control in the compost piles.