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About grimmsfuelco

Founded in 1929, Grimm’s Fuel Company is a family owned composting business in Tualatin, Oregon. Grimm’s receives about 60 percent of the greater Portland’s yard waste and turns it into compost, keeping millions of cubic yards of material out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gasses.


The recent spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everyone throughout the globe in one way or another. As with many companies, we need to consider the best path for our employees, customers and community.

Nearly all of our employees work alone in different equipment or in different locations on our property.  Our customers arrive one at a time, in single file.  Customers in the drop-off area have been, and will continue to be separated from each other so risk of infection is minimal.

We are very sensitive to the economic impacts of this pandemic.  We will be open for normal business activities, especially to support our small landscapers who also work in semi-isolated situations.

We wish you all the best in this unique time.

Getting Ready!

The progress on the new ASP composting floor continues and is nearing completion. Soon we’ll be loading it and composting. We were able to test the air flow last week and the results showed an air throughput exceeding the Green Mountain design specification by 30%.

Our demonstration ASP zones continue to do well, we’ve completed 51 batches since February. Air is mostly comprised of 78% nitrogen and 20.9% oxygen and the average internal oxygen reading of our test zones is 18.05%. We will have no problem maintaining the aerobic composting process with the increased air throughput of the new floor.

When we get the zones loaded and in process we will invite you for a visit.

Tualatin Free Dump Day a success!

Food donations for Tualatin Food Pantry

Nearly 600 yards of yard debris was brought in on Saturday, over 12% from Tualatin residents taking advantage of Grimm’s Tualatin Free Dump Day. Thank you for all who brought in the food donations for the Tualatin Food Pantry. Tualatin Food Pantry serves residents of Tualatin, Durham, Lake Oswego, West Linn and Wilsonville, providing emergency food boxes with up to 5 days worth of food and personal supplies to needy residents.

Tualatin Residents Free Yard Debris Drop Off Day

Bring non-perishable items for the Tualatin School House Pantry

Saturday, November 2, 2019 – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Yard Debris

Grimm’s Fuel Co. (18850 SW Cipole Road, Tualatin, OR 97062)

Yard debris consists of leaves, weeds, grass clippings, branches and prunings no larger than 4 inches in diameter or 8 feet in length.

REMEMBER! Please bring: 

  • Proof of Tualatin residency
  • Non-perishable items for the Tualatin School House Pantry
  • Currently, the Pantry’s most urgent needs include: canned fruits (no applesauce please), canned vegetables, canned meals (ex: spaghettios, ravioli, chili, etc), boxed macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, cereal, dried beans, bags of rice, bulk cooking/baking items (ex: flour, salt, sugar, spices), and hygiene items such as toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, bar soap, toothpaste, feminine products, and powdered laundry soap (bulk is fine!)
  • The Pantry is always in need of paper grocery bags and small/medium empty boxes 
  • Please do not bring expired items!